Monday, January 15, 2018

Dvali Photography NYC Tours

Do not settle for that selfie to remember your trip to NYC by. 

Contact Dvali Photography and let them take you on a guided tour with a professional photographer. You will get candid  and posed pictures throughout your guided tour. For more information visit http:/

Saturday, November 11, 2017

William B. Tomanek: Dvali Photography LLC

William B. Tomanek: Dvali Photography LLC

Brooklyn Bridge NYC Photo Shoot.

NYC Tour Locations
We will provide customized Photo shoot tours at HOT SPOTs in New Your City. Capturing every special moment on camera and providing a vast amount of history from our guide.  Each photo tour will have a photographer and a tour guide. (Sunset Photo shoot is with no guide)

All pictures are included in the fee, as a free download of the digital images. They will be available for downloaded from our sale site ( ) within 24 hours.

The 2-hour Times Square OR Brooklyn Bridge evening photo shoot tour, couples only.
$175 per couple

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC
We will meet in at DUMBO KITCHEN

108 Jay St, Brooklyn

Khatuna Dvali 

Street Style Photography from Brooklyn, NY

Khatuna Dvali from Brooklyn, NY is one of the newest street photographers to hit the streets. This talented Street Photographer takes her work seriously. Every photo shoot is taken with one goal, that is to achieve perfection. There is no room for error. 

Living in New York City and need a good photographer. Khatuna Dvali will meet your needs. Please visit

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday, March 3, 2012

CoCo View Resort SCUBA Diving 2012

My trip to Roatan, Honduras began in the early morning of Feb.18, 2012. The Charlottesville Virginia group met at CHO airport, checked in the bags and headed through security. And that was when I noticed something was missing.

These trips to CoCo View Resort  have three goals I try to achieve. Some rest and relaxation. SCUBA diving with my friends. And last but not least, taking great underwater pictures. If not great underwater pictures, then I settle for good underwater pictures. Witch brings me back to what I noticed was missing after I passed through security. My camera!

At 5:15 in the morning I am having a hard time figuring out where I left the camera. I know it was packed in the travel bag. I am sure I took it down stairs to the kitchen. But I can not recall putting it in the car with the rest of my bags. So I called home to see if I left it there. My wife could not find it. I then called my son who dropped me off at the airport. He pull the vehicle over and started looking for the camera bag. And there it was on the floor in the back seat.

Now the stress begins. Can the camera get from Pantop to the CHO airport before I have to board the plane? If not, how am I going to take pictures while on vacation?

I walk over to security and the line is really backed up. How am I going to get the camera if it does arrive on time? I got the attention of one of the security officers and explained that I have a camera being delivered. And asked how I can get it through security? He said no problem, let him know when it gets here and he will bring it through. That was good news.

Buy now the plane has been boarded by all the passengers, all the bags are loaded and I am the only one in the lobby. I asked the attendant how much longer before the last call? She said we will announce it. Then she picks up the mike and says "This is the last call for the flight to Atlanta". I got on the phone to see how close to the airport was my son with the camera. He said he was headed in the lobby now. I told the attendant I will be right back and quickly headed to security. Got the security guards attention, and he put the camera through the security screening for me.

Wow, what a morning that was. We arrived in Roatan that afternoon, had a quick lunch at the CoCo View Resort then headed out to sea. No time wasted when it comes to diving with our group. As they say at CoCo View "Dive-Eat-Dive" But in reality it goes more like this. Wake up... "Eat, dive, dive, eat, nap, dive, dive, eat, and sleep." and on the last day being a Friday with a late flight out on Sat. the dive day is altered just a little bit. "Eat, dive, dive, eat, nap, dive, eat, and sleep." Note that was altered by one dive. We do not want to get the bends on the flight home. That would surely ruin the great week of "Rest and Relaxation."

My pictures will be posted on