Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I just can not get it right. For some reason the site visits to www.TSTadvertisingInc.com and the AdSense views do not even come close. If unique visitors is 300 I would think the views woul equal 300.

I have no more than 3 ads per type on the page.

www.LawtonOk-Realty.com has the same issue. What is going on here.

As far as My Rich Jerk web site going on week two of no site. What is up with that?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Google AdSense

I probable need to read up on the proper way to insert these advert into your site. I have been using the ads in all my sites for the past year. It is like no one click on the ads when they visit the sites or they do not work properly or I have them configured wrong.

Last night I worked on http://www.tstadvertisinginc.com/ web site trying to get the ads inserted. Today I worked on http://www.lawtonok-realty.com/ I will be fine tuning http://www.mydiving.info/ and http://www.tomanek.net/ soon.

The Jerk Program has finally allowed me access to my JERK control panel BUT my web site is still not working properly. That sucks! I thought this was going to be a simple easy going program but ends up to be a pane in my ASS.

Updated my photo on www.Myspace.com/williebt web site. It is a picture while in Honduras. At a real cool resort in Roatan. Check out my pictures at. www.picasaweb.google.com/tomanekw/Roatan

William B. Tomanek: www.LawtonOK-Realty.com

William B. Tomanek: www.LawtonOK-Realty.com

Google Base

We have tried to set up an account with Google Base. The item I have listed is my Home that is for sale. Not sure if this page will get any hits. But it is just another avenue we are exploring.

To see visit: http://www.google.com/base/a/3967259/D12900923331269473072


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Space

I have created a My Space page like millions of other folks. www.myspace.com/williebt View my favorite songs, see pictures of the kids, grand kids, wife and I.

Is this a good place to put your information? As always you need to be careful on what type of information you are exposing to the public. I like the variety of layouts you find on the other profiles. It is a quick way to share pictures and upcoming events.

So myspace www.myspace.com/williebt

Monday, July 7, 2008


www.TOMANEK.NET In order to share things I have enjoyed over the past few years I have set up www.Tomanek.net This site has the poem I wrote "Down Under" along with hundreds of pictures from NY to Florida to Sint Maartens to Dominican Republic to Roatan Honduras. So please visit www.Tomanek.net

The Rich Jerk

We are trying a new program. "The Rich Jerk" You sign up for a small one time fee and you get a FREE web site to help promote your self. Well you have to pay for the HOSTING of that site through their Hosting Company.

I signed up for the website http://www.makemoneyonourtime.com/ and it was suppose to be up and running today. Well there are issues with the site they published. "Connect Error: Unknown MySQL server host 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' (1) "

I received a user ID/Pass to log into my "RICH JERK" account. And it says "User name does not exist or is not active." So how long will it take for them to get this all straight? I thought my http://www.tstadvertisinginc.com/ site was messed up.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


In 1998 TST Advertising Inc. was formed. Following the formation of the corporation web site http://www.tstadvertisinginc.com/, http://www.lawtonok-realty.com/ web site was designed for the Brokers, Realtor, Property Managers, Apartment managers, Manufactured Homes Managers and Finance companies located in Lawton Ft Sill, Oklahoma.

To this day http://www.lawtonok-realty.com/ is receiving over 4,000 visitors a month while http://www.tstadvertisinginc.com/ is receiving over 6,000 visitors a month. We have deployed several advertising links within or sites in a hope to generate more funds for advertising. Not as successful as we had anticipated.

In 2006 we developed http://www.itemsforsaleatthelake.com/ to help the residents of Lake Monticello located in Fluvanna county Virginia. This site allowed them to receive a FREE user ID and the ability to insert their own items for sale. This site was a great success for the residents of the lake but not for us. We payed for monthly advertising with no money coming in. Ouch... That hurts!

Today we are trying to find the niche to ad placements within our sites that will generate income.