Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Florida Vacation

Headed south for the upcoming December Holliday storms. Well I was able to avoid the snow, but the cold temps made their way down to Florida.

Staying just out side the gates to Sea World, they are not on my to do list. The weeks plan is simple, Rest, visit, Rest, Visit... You get the idea?

We headed south very early Christmas morning. After driving for over 12 hours we arrived in Orlando around 1730 hrs. Checked in to our room and started making plans for the week. Sunday was our rest day after the long drive.

Sunday night was the first planned event. Blue Man Group show at Universal Studios. I thought the show was very entertaining but not enough music. There were several skits performed and lots of interaction with the audience. I was looking for more of a concert ty
pe show. More interaction with the musical instruments. But when they did play, it was a great presentation.

After the show we had our pictures taken with the Blue Men.

On our way out of the park we stopped at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and restaurant for some late night snacks. Well for me it was shrimp, sausage. with mashed potatoes.

Monday night The Pirates Christmas Dinner Adventure. A sit down meal with a Pirate show on the center stage. Each section had their pirate they cheered for throughout the show.

The meal consisted of a salad, plate of chicken, pork, potato wedges and rice. I thought it all tasted good except for the rice. Something else I did not like about the meal, I could not see what I was eating. There was not enough light on the counter. And trying to eat around a chicken leg/thigh is not easy in the dark. Our view was also blocked by one of the props that was between the ship and our seats.

Tuesday started out early with a trip to the Universal Studios. The morning was cold and that made for a chilly walk through the park. Some of the sites we saw, Shrek 4-d, Twister, Men in Black, Disaster, E.T. Adventure, Horror Make-Up show, Terminator 3-D,Fear Factor Live, BeetleJuice's Graveyard Review and Jaws.

While at the park we were also selected by one of the park members to participate in the Macy's Holiday Parade as a balloon handler. At first we dressed up in the red suites to work on the Holiday Stars, but was then moved over to the Snow Flake Balloon. Now we had to change into the blue suites. There was four of us on this round balloon.

Wensday is R.R. day.

Thursday will be a cold morning and busy day. This is my day to shoot some underwater pictures. Starting out in the morning early with a 1.5 hour drive to Crystal River for our snorkeling trip with the Manatees with American Pro Dive Center. At this time in the morning the water will be warmer than the air. Water temps 72 degrees all year round. After the snorkeling we will drive off, warm up and head to the Blue Grotto for a Dive. Then after that dive, we will head to the devils Den for the second dive. I feel cold just thinking about it. But that will be my day of diving in the springs.

Friday night is New Years at Universal Studios, a special event.

Saturday is checkout. Then if the temps are nice to the beach.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Buy Art Give Art

Today was "First Fridays" in down town Charlottesville, Virginia. The night was cool with cloudy skies, but the

folks of Charlottesville were out looking. But not only was it First Night, it was the kick off of Buy Art Give Art. (Video) I was at Skylight Studios tonight and met with lots of friendly local shoppers. I wonder how many shoppers tonight actually bought a piece of art.

What I found to be the greatest thing about Charlottesville is the people of this small college community. It is nothing like the other towns I have lived in. The Charlottesville community is what I consider "Alive". There is always something going on.

Having said that, I did my part today as a community member. I did "Buy Art Give Art" tonight!