Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drift Diving

Drift diving off the coast of Florida.

I spent 2 days diving off the coast of  West Palm Beach. This was my second time doing a drift dive. My first drift dive was off the coast of Roatan, Honduras.

The boat ride was a short trip from the dock. You could still see the shore from the dive site. I will say that we drifted pretty fast and the ability to shoot pictures was hampered. It was very hard to position your self to get a good shot. The visibility was not very good either.

There was plenty of fish hanging out around the edge of the reef. They love the small little overhangs.

The one major fact that I noticed was the growth of the barrel sponge. Unlike the barrel sponges off the coast of Roatan, these sponges grew in large groups. There would be three to 7 sponges growing in a single sponge formation.

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